Transport Corporation Of India Ltd. (TCI Freight) ( Transporter ID : 1241 )

Gurgaon, Haryana
Truck Types Owned
16 TON OPEN BODY TAURUS (24X8X7), 19 FT CANTER, 20 FT TRUCK, 22 ft taurus, 3516-Trailer-22-24Tons Capacity-25 Ft, 40 Ft Trailer, 4018-Trailer-26-28Tons Capacity-27 Ft , 9 TON NORMAL TRUCK (19X7X7), 9 TON OPEN BODY TRUCK (20X8X8), Body Container- 15ton- 20Feet, Body Container- 15ton- 24Feet, Body Container- 7ton- 24Feet, Body Container- 7ton- 28Feet, Body Container- 7ton- 32Feet, Body Container-14tons-32Feet, Container Body-40 ft-14 ton, ContainerBody-8ton-20ft, Containerize Body-14ton-32 ft-Multiaxle, Containerized Body-32 ft-7 ton- single axle, Containerized Body-7 ton-34 feet length-10.2 Feet height-Single Axle, Containerized- 16 MT-32 Ft-Multiaxle, Containerized-20-22 MT-40 FT, Contanerize Body-7ton-24ft, Contanerized Body- 7 Tons- 20 Feet, Contanerized Body- 7Tons- 32 Feet-High Cube Body-Height: >10.2 Ft-Single Axle, Contanerized Body-7Tons-32 Feet, Contanerized Truck- 15 Tons- 32 Ft-9.6 Height, Contanerized-15 Ton-32 Feet-Taurus, FLAT BED TRAILER-40X8X7-20MT, Open Body-20 Tons- 19 Feet Length, Open Punjab Body Truck- 16 MT Cap- 22 Feet Length
About the Company

TCI Freight: TCI Freight, the largest division of Group TCI, is India's foremost surface transport entity. It has a strong backing in terms of its extensive and strategically located branch network and trained work force. This division is fully equipped to provide total transport solutions for ca...

Load History
Hawkins Cookers requires 12 FTL Trucks / qrt for ROUND TRIP
Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh  |  Accepted  |  0 trucks awarded
Godrej-Auction No.19: Bhiwandi to Jaipur (36 Trucks).Contanerized-7 Tons-32 Ft-9.6 Ft height
Maharashtra to Rajasthan  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
Godrej-Auction No.20: Bhiwandi to Bhubaneshwar (36 Trucks).Contanerized-7 Tons-32 Ft-9.6 Ft height
Maharashtra to Orissa  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
Godrej-Auction No.16: Bhiwandi to Cochin(90Trucks)-Contanerized-7Ton-32Ft-10.2 Ft-Height
Maharashtra to Kerala  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
Godrej-Auction No.13: Bhiwandi to Ahemdaba (60 Trucks).Godrej & Boyce requires Quarterly 950 Trucks
Maharashtra to Gujarat  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
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17 Dec 2015
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