CJ DARCL Logistics Ltd ( Transporter ID : 65 )

Gurugram, Haryana
Truck Types Owned
1109-19ft-7ton, 15MT- OPEN BODY TRUCK, 15T-20FT TRAILER, 15T-40 FT Trailer, 16 MT Half side closed body taurus, 16 OR 21 TON OPEN BODY Truck, 16 TON OPEN BODY, 16 TON OPEN BODY TAURUS (24X8X7), 16T- 20FT-FBT, 17 ft CANTER, 19 FT CANTER, 20 feet side open truck, 20 Feet Trailer, 20 FT TRUCK, 20 TON-Open Punjab Body truck, 20T-20FT Trailer, 20t-40ft trailer, 20T-40FT-Flat Bed Trailer, 21 TON Open Body, 22 ft taurus, 23T-40FT TRAILER, 40 feet Trailor- Flat Bed, 40 Ft Trailer, Tempo/LCV- up to 7 tons- 19Feet, Trailer- High Bed-20ton-20Feet, Trailer- High Bed-22ton-20Feet, Truck -9ton -17 to 18 Feet, Truck- 21ton- 24Feet
Load History
Demo Auction: 10.30.to.6 pm- Require 9 ton vehicles from.Nasik.to Vapi
Maharashtra to Maharashtra  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
Demo Auction: 10.30.to.6 pm- Require 16 ton vehicles from.Nasik.to Mumbai
Maharashtra to Maharashtra  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
10.30 to 1 pm : Require 100 vehicles of 16 ton from Nasik to Bangalore for one year contract
Maharashtra to Karnataka  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
10.30.to.6 pm- Require 16 ton vehicles from.Bhiwandi.to Chennai
Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
10.30.to.6 pm- Require 16 ton vehicles from.Bhiwandi.to Ahmedabad
Maharashtra to Gujarat  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
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01 Mar 2018
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