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We would like to extend greetings from Agarwal Movers Group. Our Research & Development team has done a research on the Logistic requirements and the Pain points that are being faced by the Industry similar to you, during the whole transportation process. To overcome this we have come up with a concept where we developed Lockers of different sizes, you can lock these lockers with your own lock and keep the keys. This service is known as “TRUCKING CUBE”. Under this we offer ISO standard lockers which are tested and approved to transport high value goods, these lockers are in different sizes matching your consignment like 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 12ft, 16ft and 20ft fitted with shock absorbing pad and safety belts inside. Our TRUCKING CUBE’s having multiple benefits few of them are: Exclusivity of space: One cube One Consignment, this reduces the chance of mixing or damage of goods. Zero Transshipment: Unlike the traditional transporters where your goods used to be transshipped enroute or hub center where in with trucking it’s your locker which is lifted and shifted by crane/forklifts leaving your goods untouched & unseen during the whole journey. Pay as per your space: Our lockers offer you the most economic mode to transport your goods, Just pay for the space you use, no payment for empty space. Avoid Multiple Manual Handling. Safe Journey of your Cargo by Avoiding Damages due to jerk & Jolt and rough surface inside the vehicle. Transshipment is silent killer of FMCG, HHG & Pharma Industry Goods and Trucking Cube is permanent killer of transshipment in transportation of goods. Trucking means Your Size / Your Prize / Your Lock We understand your need and the value of goods that are being manufactured by you, to ensure you of the utmost safety and security we will take full responsibility of your consignment. Please visit us on or call us on +91 08287 27 8287 to know more about us and our services. Please let us know as to how your company and APML can jointly work to make your logistics operations seamless and tension free. We request you to please give us an opportunity in your various verticals who can use such services for seamless and Transshipment free transportation.

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